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Here are some articles we think you might like. Have you read or written an article you think we should add to this list? Please contact us and let us know!

CAP Report Highlights Troubling Lack of Diversity Among Federal Judges (2020) 

New Data Tracker:  Diversity of the Federal Bench (ACS/FDJ – 2020)

NPR:  Trumps Impact on the Federal Courts by the Numbers (2019)

The Nation’s Top State Courts Face a Crisis of Legitimacy (July, 2019)

The Parity Paradox (2018)

The Diversity Problem on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals (Star Tribune Editorial-2017)

Counter Point:  Diversity and Transparency Needed in Stras Nomination, Not a Rubber Stamp (2017)

U.S. Senate’s judicial stalling harms federal courts: Eighth Circuit nominee is among those in a troubling holding pattern (Star Tribune Editorial - 2016)

A push for federal court diversity (Star Tribune Editorial - 2015)

Iowa woman nominated for 8th Circuit Des Moines Register - 2013)

Appoint Kelly to Eighth Circuit Corridor Business - 2013)

Obama Attempting to Change Face of Judiciary (AP - 2013)

A Valentine’s Day Worth Remembering (Vision 2020: Equality in Sight - 2013)

Judicial Branch Lacks Diversity (Cedar Rapids Gazette - 2011)

Infinity Project Discussion Focuses on Increasing Diversity on the Federal Bench (Bar Talk - 2011)

Men in Black (2010)

Few Women are Judges on the U.S. Courts of Appeals (Minnesota Public Radio - 2008)

Worst Diverse (Missouri Lawyers Weekly - 2009)

A Lack of Diversity on the Court of Appeals (Star Tribune Editorial - 2008)

Infinity Project seeks to increase gender diversity of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals (Judicature - 2009)

Exercising Leadership: A Call to Diversify the Judiciary (The Women Advocate ABA - 2009)

Women Judges in Minnesota (Minnesota Women Lawyers - 2008)

Gender Diversity of 8th Circuit scrutinized at regional meeting (Minnesota Lawyer - 2008)

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