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Arkansas Organizer(s):


Jamie Giani



Women serving on the federal bench in Arkansas include:

Chief Judge Susan Owens Hickey

Magistrate Judge Erin Wiedemann (ret.)

Judge Kristine Baker

Judge Susan Weber Wright

Magistrate Judge Patricia S. Harris 

Magistrate Judge Beth Deere (ret.)

Bankruptcy Judge Bianca M. Rucker

Magistrate Judge Christy D. Comstock

Magistrate Judge Edie R. Ervin

Judge Wiedemann with public.jpg

21% of Arkansas state court judges are women compared to 37% of the Arkansas population and 3% of state court judges are women of color compared to 14% of the population.

Gavel Gap

Recent News


Judge Rita Bailey Pulaski County District Court Judge and an Infinity Project organizer from Arkansas, joined other project organizers who came to Minnesota to develop strategies for advancing judicial diversity across the circuit.

The case for changing elections for Arkansas appellate judges (2019)

First Female Majority in Arkansas Supreme Court History (2015)

Ladies Of The Court: Meet The Three Female Justices Of The Arkansas Supreme Court (2015)

State’s high court has female majority for first time as justices sworn in (2015)

Kris Baker of Little Rock confirmed for federal judgeship (2012)



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