Honorable Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger speaks on Infinity 2016 panel

The Honorable Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger speaks on Infinity 2016 panel

In 2016, Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger joined Stephanie Rose on the federal bench for the Southern District of Iowa. Other women on the federal bench in Iowa include: Chief Magistrate Judge Helen C Adams and Celeste Bremer, Magistrate Judges for the Southern District of Iowa; Linda R. Reade, Northern District of Iowa and Kelly Mahoney, Chief Magistrate Judge. According to Gavel Gap, 22% of Iowa’s state court judges are white women compared to 41% of the state’s population and less than 1% are women of color compared to 9% of the population. No women currently serve on Iowa’s Supreme Court.



Recent News

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Honorable Celeste Bremer 2014 winner of the Cristine Wilson Medal for Equality and Justice (2014)

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Iowa Nominating Commissions Guide to Iowa’s Court System (page 14 for judicial selection)

Ballotpedia: Judicial Selection in Iowa



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