Collaborative Judicial Bootcamp Curriculum


The Infinity Project Collaborative Bootcamp model covers a half day and includes three tracks: (1) lawyers with less than ten years of experience that may serve on the bench sometime in the future; (2) lawyers with more than 10 years of experience that may be interested in service on the state district court bench; and (3) sitting judges and others with significant experience that may be considering state appellate or federal courts.  For sample agendas, please contact Debra Fitzpatrick.


Personal invitations to potential participants and decision-maker facilitators are a key part of the Collaborative Bootcamp model.  Affinity bar partners can use this exercise to think deeply about the talent in their community and a personal invitation has the potential to change the perceptions of under-represented lawyers about their qualifications to serve.  Involvement of key judicial decision-makers as session leaders gives them an opportunity to see first hand the talent pool from under-represented communities and question processes that do not include that talent.  Example invitations are available upon request.

Path to the Bench Plan

We have developed a My Journey to the Bench planning tool that potential applicants can use to plot short and long term strategies in a variety of categories, such as Information Gathering, Relationship Building, Building a Resume, Developing a Story/Brand, and Keeping Track of Information you will need to apply in the future. Request a copy of the plan.

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For Aspiring Judges


If you are interested in being a mentor to a woman seeking a judicial appointment or are a woman considering a judicial appointment that would like to be connected with a mentor, please contact Debra Fitzpatrick at 612-625-7176 or or the Honorable Mary Vasaly at

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