Infinity organizers like Nebraska’s Cathy Trent-Villim participate in annual events and strategic planning sponsored by the project. At the 2012 event, Eastern District of Missouri Magistrate Judge Nannette Baker shared her perspectives with Cathy and others interested in gender equity on the bench. The Nebraska federal bench includes three well-qualified women,District Court judge Laurie Smith Camp and Magistrate judges Cheryl Zwart and Susan Bazis.

According to Gavel Gap, 17% of Nebraska’s state court judges are white women compared to 41% of the population and 4% are women of color compared to 9% of the population.


Recent News

Susan Bazis selected as new Magistrate Judge (2016)

Gov. Ricketts appoints Judge Stephanie Stacy to Supreme Court (2015)

Nebraska’s judicial diversity (2014)

Women judges increase in numbers, but barriers might remain (2006)



State Judicial Selection Commission

Ballotopedia: Judicial Selection in Nebraska



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