Get Involved

There are many ways to help advance the Infinity mission. Here are a few ideas:

  • Infinity Project organizers strategize at the 2014 Infinity All-Circuit Summit held in Omaha, Nebraska.

    Get connected with organizers in your state.

  • Contact your Senators (and their counsels working on judicial appointments) and let them know you support the Infinity Project and are expecting them to consider and recommend diverse candidates to the federal bench.
  • If you know of a woman who would make a great judge, encourage her to apply. Encouragement is a key component in the journey many women take to the bench.
  • Become a supporter and subscribe to our email list.  We send out news and information and opportunities to attend events and contribute your time and talents to the Infinity Project. (Send a note to to be added to our list of supporters or our email list.)
  • Share information about the Infinity Project with your colleagues, friends and family.  Many people are not aware of gender inequities on the Eighth Circuit bench. Some talking points.
  • Encourage organizations to endorse and to support the Infinity Project.
  • Write a letter to the editor or op-ed piece for your local newspaper.
  • Write an article about the Infinity Project for an organizational newsletter. Share published pieces with us so we can include them on our web site and distribute to other supporters.
  • Speak to an organization or invite an Infinity Project speaker to present information to an organization about gender diversity on the bench and the Infinity Project.
  • Share contacts and “insider” information with the Infinity Project leadership so we can provide the best intelligence possible to potential candidates.
  • If you have connections in the Eighth Circuit, share information about the Infinity Project with them and their names with us.
  • Contribute to the project.

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