2010 Annual Event: Achieving Diversity on the Bench in the 21st Century

August 11, St. Thomas School of Law, Minneapolis, Minnesota in conjunction with the Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference

The Infinity Project sponsored a candid discussion about the way in which we nominate, vet, and appoint our current Article I and III judges. The panel was moderated by Dahlia Lithwick, contributing editor for Newsweek and Senior Editor for Slate. The panel included:

  • Jeremy Paris, Chief Counsel for Nominations and Oversight for Chairman Patrick Leahy on the Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Nan Aron, President, Alliance for Justice, founder of the Judicial Selection Process
  • Professor Rachel Caufield, Drake University, consultant to the Hunter Center for Judicial Selection at the American Judicature Society
  • The Honorable Ann D. Montgomery, district judge for the District of Minnesota, current Chair of the Diversity Sub-committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States
  • Russ Wheeler, Visiting Fellow in Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution, and former deputy director of the Federal Judicial Center

The event was cosponsored by the Eighth Circuit Bar Association, Minnesota Women Lawyers, and Iowa Organization of Women Attorneys.